A windy pow day at Loveland

The three-day skikend came to a close today (though I’m certainly tempted to ski tomorrow) with an incredibly windy day at Loveland. The Basin (where all the good terrain is) was closed first thing due to winds (reports of 99mph winds on the pass came in), and the whole crew came down and skied chair 3 for a few laps before Charles’ intuition told him that 1 was spinning. We hopped on the shuttle and, sure enough, it was. The skiing was fast-paced and high-energy today, despite the brutal winds. At points in the day, our group was huge.

Though not legendary, the skiing was too fun to stop for photos. We bounced around what was open, jumped off some stuff, skied some trees, and did tons of laps on Classic.

The drive home was none too great, but could’ve been much worse.

All in all, this was a great weekend full of great skiing with great friends.

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