Another day at Berthoud

The three-day skikend continues! I made it back up to Berthoud Pass with Gary, YC, Cody, and Lauren. Today’s plan was a hair more aggressive than yesterday’s – heading from the top of the pass down to First Creek. Not a huge day by any means, but a very solid tour crossing three drainages. We started with the standard skin up the west side of the pass.

It was about 10 degrees warmer than forecasted, and the winds were gentler than expected – nothing to complain about.

Not too much later we were at the drop-in spot for Current Creek.

I was expecting fairly brutal winds on the ridge and 10 degree temps, but it was rather pleasant.

We dropped in to variable snow up high, but nice, creamy snow a little lower.

Gary shredding the gnar:

Cody gnarring the shred:

And YC airing a little rock in style:

After a short break outside the (at the time packed) Peter Rabbit hut we got going on the biggest (though still not very big) climb of the day towards Second Creek.

The skiing was totally decent, an added bonus to the beautiful tour we took.

Somewhere along the line to our low-point in Second Creek, we hit a flat spot. No big deal for Lauren and I, but a little more difficult for the splitboarders. YC wisely unstrapped and suffered the postholes, while Gary risked scooch-leg to stay in his bindings.

Snowboarding truly is the most efficient mode of backcountry travel. For real. We took a break to eat and drink a bit before heading back out.

Getting over to First Creek is pretty easy for the most part, though there was a fairly challenging section with several steep, deep, loose switchbacks.

The skiing was pretty fun down to First Creek, though short. I managed to completely miss getting anything good from there, though I’m sure I’ll be back. We hitched a ride back up to the top of the pass, and riding in the back of a truck through the hills there after a good day really is an experience to enjoy.

One thought on “Another day at Berthoud

  1. I can see how jealous you are of the effectiveness and mobility we have as snowboarders in the backcountry. No better way to get around!

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