Scout’s (first) Day Out

Friday was Scout’s first day out for the season, when she joined Hans and I for a tour at Berthoud Pass. She made the cover photo for Saturday’s Colorado Powder Forecast (here) and also wins the award for making it look way better than it was. Before we get to the rest of the trip, here’s the shot of her working it for the camera:

Hans and I got a super-early start since he had to be back to Denver fairly early, heading up for the first skin a little after 10am. We didn’t expect this to be an issue (and it wasn’t) since we were only going to Second Creek.

Scout, not having been out in the mountains for a few months, forgot how to pace herself. While Hans and I slowly skinned up, she was charging up and down, back and forth, and generally burning off energy.

Not much later we were at the first transition; Hans and I slowly swapped over to get ready to ski while Scout patiently waited. A few minutes later, we were off.

The cover-shot of Scout was taken immediately after the above photo. After some fun meadow-skipping and rocky lines, it was time to have a snack and get ready to go uphill again.

The snow has been so good inbounds this year that neither Hans nor I have had too many days in the backcountry, and were feeling a little slow on the second skin up. Darn snow, making it so good inbounds! At least Scout was dragging pretty hard by this point.

We got up and took a look at Corner Pocket, which had been hit by some pretty funky winds (out of the NNE). We backed off and headed toward some trees a little farther down the ridge for a fun gladed line. I dropped first.

Then went Hans, enjoying some decent snow, particularly given the recent weather patterns.

I told him to keep going while I waited for Scout.

A few good turns later, we were back to flatter terrain with a little more meadow-skipping before the bobsled run out. Scout decided to save energy and stay above the snow by standing on Hans’ skis.

She did the same to me, but fortunately was pretty well-behaved and stayed off the tails of skis while moving. Scout was tired, but still made the best of it.

This dog loves snow, and needs to get out again soon.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. We hit the last track out, hitched a ride to the top, and were off.

3 thoughts on “Scout’s (first) Day Out

  1. Gah!! Love the Scout photos!! What a sweetheart! You can totally tell what a GREAT TIME he’s having and just loving life. Even looks like he’s smiling in a couple ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great looking dog!

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