A few from Loveland this weekend

The skiing at Loveland this weekend was outstanding, and it was too good to stop and take pictures most of the day. I did stop a couple times for a few shots though. The first was shortly after opening under chair 1, usually a huge field of bumps, Saturday completely covered by light snow.

So light, in fact, that it did little to soften the bumps (first run anyway) and I took a knee to the forehead after taking a small jump.

Hans was also feeling jumpy on Saturday.

As was Charles.

That was it for Saturday. It dumped snow all day. Knee-deep was considered shallow, face-shots were constant, and my car looked like this at the end of the day:

Sunday was sunnier, and we met up with Chris for a few laps.

We left tired and sore, with this three-day ski weekend bringing me up to 30 days for the season.

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