Loveland Pass “SuperMoon” Night Skiing

After a fun afternoon of skiing at Loveland, a bunch of us went to Silver Plume for dinner and to kill a few hours before sundown. We decided to do a little bit of skiing at Loveland Pass, on account of it being the largest, brightest full moon in (and for) 18 years. Arriving shortly after dark, and the party had already started.

The group was Hans, Lauren, Heather, Nik, and, of course, myself. Not being in any particular rush due to the moon not being up yet, we took our time getting ready.

Once we were all geared up, we piled in clown-car style and drove to the top of the pass.

A few minutes later, the moon made its appearance.

Plenty of people there this night – at least as many as are around during a normal day.

We took a short walk over bulletproof wind-packed snow and ice, eventually got in to our skis, and waited for the moon to illuminate our line.

A few minutes later and we made some tough turns. The snow was surprisingly good, but the relatively low light meant a lack of contrast, which meant skiing by braille.

We stuck pretty close together, enjoying the company more than the skiing (for fairly obvious reasons).

We only took the one lap, and didn’t hang around too much longer. The party grew quite a bit while we were out on our lap, and there were reports of over 300 people.

It was a fun night out with a fun crew, and I can’t wait to do something similar next month.

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