SIA Snow Show 2013 – Part 2

First up today, Arc’teryx. They were extremely tight-lipped about their forthcoming battery-powered airbag pack, so no news on that front. Maybe next year.

La Sportiva has a new 4-buckle AT boot, the lightest on the market, to be priced at only $599. I expect these to fly off the shelves next season.

IMG_8306 IMG_8307

Their ultra high-end rando race boot is the Stratos Cube, now under 500g for a stratospheric $3000. I expect to see these almost exclusively on the feet of sponsored athletes, and maybe a couple folks in Aspen. Absurdly stiff.

IMG_8308 IMG_8309

Most notable from BCA was an updated slope meter. The old one can only be viewed from the side, with the new one you can read the slope angle while sighting the slope.


They also are coming out with a well-made FRS/GRMS radio. Looks like a big step up from the competition, but I wish it would work without the attached mic.


Last up for today is socks. Yes, socks. More than anything, I was intrigued by the fact that FITS Sock Co. has seven patents on their socks, so I sat down and talked with their PR guy (who coincidentally does the PR for my new favorite DSLR carry system, Capture). Without going in to excessive detail, FITS improves on other socks with more cushioned and durable toe, heel, and achilles areas, more elasticity through the entire sock from using nylon throughout, and more durability everywhere thanks to using twisted pairs of merino wool fibers. Weave time is slower (he said by 40%) but their prices are still competitive to the rest of the market. Moreover, they’re manufactured in Tennessee rather than China. I was given a pair and after one day my impressions are pretty positive, more to come once I get more time in them. One more day to come, with a pretty heavy focus on Black Diamond.

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