Dyer Peak – 2014-03-29

Though I’d hoped to be getting on a few more 14ers by now, Saturday’s trip up a high 13er was a great way to spend a spring day. Hans and I started skinning up the road at about 8:30, with Jeff and Sam running a bit late.

IMG_0031 0838

IMG_0036 0853

As Hans and I got towards the end of the road, we heard Jeff and Sam rapidly approaching on their snowmobiles. Perfect timing.

IMG_0039 0927

Jeff decided to attempt a sidehill, but jumped off his sled and watched it go headfirst into a tree. The great tragedy of this day was that no cameras were rolling at the time.

IMG_0043 0943

Half an hour later we were all back moving up the hill. Having four people to take turns breaking trail with was a huge help.

IMG_0044 1024

While lower down the winds were calm to the point that I was worried about being way overdressed, the winds up high cooled things down substantially.

IMG_0048 1112

We hit the summit at noon to surprisingly calm conditions.

IMG_0049 1202

IMG_0055 1204

After lounging for a while, we clicked in to our skis and started heading down. The snow was somewhat wind affected, but still soft enough to be lots of fun.

IMG_0059 1228

IMG_0066 1231

Not much later we were all back at the trucks, enjoying the gorgeous weather under the threat of a tree that looked ready to let go of the earth at any moment.

IMG_0070 1347

All in all a pretty quick, fun day in pretty good snow conditions.

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