Hagar Mountain – 2014-04-11

A couple weeks ago, Hans and I decided to get out to ski. Hagar worked well thanks to how close to town it is, and how quickly it can be done. This was good for me since I was still tired from Humboldt a few days prior, and for Hans because he was moving to Wyoming the following day. The half-mile downhill skin went quickly enough, and then we were headed up in to Dry Gulch.

IMG_0023 0633

The weather was perfect that morning, nice and cool but not too cold, and with clear bluebird skies. Some guys from Descente and Icelantic Skis were up camping in the drainage and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some lifestyle photos in one of their catalogs from Dry Gulch next year.

IMG_0025 0705

We moved quickly and were above treeline before 8am.

IMG_0028 0818

Though we had some interesting ice to deal with while skinning, it was ultimately fairly trivial and we hit the summit ridge a bit before 8:45.

IMG_0030 0844

IMG_0031 0844

We topped out on Hagar at about 9:45, but transitioned to ski about 20′ below the summit because of a perfect flat open spot in the ridge.

IMG_0036 0952

A few minutes later we were down; Hans remarked about how short the ski line is for the effort to get back in there, and I had to agree. Fortunately in our high-traverse to get out of the drainage without bogging down in the trees, we found a couple amazing slopes with perfect corn.

IMG_0037 1007

Last I heard, Hans is having a blast up in Jackson with a fulfilling job in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Good luck buddy!

IMG_0038 1007

One thought on “Hagar Mountain – 2014-04-11

  1. Jackson is a blast! Good write up bud. I’m looking forward to whenever you make it up here to adventure.

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