Boulder Hiking – 10/14/05

Originally written 10/16/08

That’s right, nothing really high up there. In fact, the highest I got today was around 8500′ – not even enough to get you breathing hard.

Here’s where I went (started on the top route):

I did Green Mountain, South Boulder Peak (highest point in Boulder), and

Total distance was about 10.2 miles, if I added up the lengths correctly, and car-car time was about 5:15.

Total supplies needed was 3 liters of water, 2 clif bars, and no shirt.

I have this view:

no more than 2 minutes from home. In fact, time from home -> trailhead was 10 minutes of driving.

Fairly early on in the hike I came to this:

That’s right, mid 70s out, I’m in shorts + no shirt hiking and sweating, going through snow. I love this place.

Although it’s only the 2nd highest spot, Bear Peak has the best view:

I realized I was going to run out of water on my hike by the time I hit Green Mountain, when I wasn’t even half done and had 3 hours left, so I was rationing my water pretty hard. About a mile from the car, I ran out. Not sure how this happened, I used about the same amount of water for this as I did on Long’s Peak.

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