Let it Snow!

After a long, warm autumn in Denver, a cold front with real snow finally made its way to town yesterday. The morning started off in the low 40s, and temps hit single digits by the end of the day. I’d be out skiing today if it weren’t for the bitter cold – a high temp around 0 at 11,000′ plus 20mph winds led me to take a much-needed rest day lounging around the house and playing with Scout, who may have been even more stoked than I was for this little storm.

I have to take credit for this snow-job – Scout loves the snow but she wasn’t quite rolling around enough to get fully coated.

I couldn’t make this dog stop following me if I tried.

Though throwing a little snow is a good way to make her run.

Here’s Scout pulling off her crazy/sideways run.

And attacking!

For playing outside today, as well as a long walk with the dog last night (both in single digit temps) I wore the Columbia Omni-Heat synthetic puffy they provided me for testing. Full review to come once I have a little more time in it, but so far (at home and at Eiseman) I’ve stayed warm using it.

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