Schoolyard Cross

I can say without a doubt that I’m on the best race team ever. No, we aren’t the biggest, or the winningest, but we are the happiest and funnest. Last Saturday was the Schoolyard Cross race up in Brighton, and we were in full-on party mode. I got there early to help set up and prepare for the day, and it was still pretty muddy.

We got the day started off right, with a delicious breakfast courtesy of Bridget – croissants with bacon, cheese, and fried eggs.

Christian’s race got started pretty soon. He wasn’t thrilled with the sticky mud, but powered through and joined for the fun afterwards.

By noon, we had the deep fryer going. First came the donuts – canned biscuits quartered, fried, and shaken in sugar and cinnamon. Fry.



After that came 200 chicken wings.

Of course there was some racing to follow. The dirt was extremely sticky, and even though I wasn’t bogging down it felt like my brakes were on. I snapped my chain a few laps in, and got to run a couple miles pushing my bike to avoid a DNF. Jesse of Team Gates Carbon Drive once again dominated the single speed race, though he missed out on the beer and whisky handups. I’ve got a couple hours of wrenching to do to get my bike back in to race condition, but can’t wait for Saturday!

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