Castle CX

Today was another great day at the bicycle races with the Happy Coffee Cycling and Frying Team.

The party was all set up by the time I arrived, and no time was wasted getting to the frying. First up was corn dogs.

Then Scotch Eggs (a hard boiled egg, packed with sausage, battered, and fried).

Then it was candy time. First up was Milky Ways.

Then bacon-wrapped Snickers.

Then back to the Milky Way bars.

And since we were there, we decided to do a little racing too. Maggie crushing it:

Matt took a warmup lap or two.

I’m happy with my results. Got my first not-DFL result, 23/32. On a singlespeed. And I briefly led the race at the start, which was a relief when I heard a pileup behind me going in to the first turn. I went over to shoot a few more photos after my race, during the SM3/SS race.

The mud pit was a blast to race through, and was just as fun to photograph.

The kid in second place here is 14 year-old Gage Hecht, who got in to first place and opened up a huge gap. He’s already got an impressive list of results, and is no-doubt going places in the world of cycling.



And proof it’s not only¬†about the food, Ryan took the top of the SM4 podium for the second week in a row.

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