SIA Snow Show, part II

I’m going to start off today’s post with one of the more disappointing things I saw at the show, the toe and heel blocks for the Salomon Quest AT boots. For those not in the know, Salomon shipped boots that don’t appear to have been adequately engineered. The tech-fittings were woefully weak, self-destructing with only a little bit of force applied through the binding (one of their early adopters is potentially crippled for life as a result of this), and there are reports of buckles and walk-modes exploding. They pulled units with the tech fittings from the market, and I’ve been wondering what the status was on them. Continue reading


SIA Snow Show, part I

The annual SIA Snow Show is wrapping up today, a quick blur of a weekend full of fancy new gear, networking, strategerizing, and more gear. Today’s post is just the three most noteworthy stops for me – Pieps, Dynafit, and Hestra. I’ll have another post tomorrow with lots more. My first stop was at Pieps, to check out their new GPS beacon, the Vector. Continue reading

Columbia Shimmer Me Timbers Jacket Review

Full Disclosure: This jacket was provided to me at no cost by Columbia. I requested a bright blue one but all they had was “Breen,” aka brown.

I’ve finally had a chance to take this jacket out enough times to get a good feel for it, which took a while due to the warm temperatures we experienced through late autumn. I wasn’t so sure about it when I was offered the jacket, for two reasons: first, I already have a couple similar puffies – the First Ascent Igniter hoody, and the Stoic Luft Down sweater; second, I’ve never had a great impression of Columbia products, as they tend to target the low-end of the product range. The Igniter is rather similar to the Shimmer Me Timbers, and has mostly served me well in the past. Continue reading

A windy pow day at Loveland

The three-day skikend came to a close today (though I’m certainly tempted to ski tomorrow) with an incredibly windy day at Loveland. The Basin (where all the good terrain is) was closed first thing due to winds (reports of 99mph winds on the pass came in), and the whole crew came down and skied chair 3 for a few laps before Charles’ intuition told him that 1 was spinning. We hopped on the shuttle and, sure enough, it was. The skiing was fast-paced and high-energy today, despite the brutal winds. At points in the day, our group was huge.

Continue reading

Another day at Berthoud

The three-day skikend continues! I made it back up to Berthoud Pass with Gary, YC, Cody, and Lauren. Today’s plan was a hair more aggressive than yesterday’s – heading from the top of the pass down to First Creek. Not a huge day by any means, but a very solid tour crossing three drainages. We started with the standard skin up the west side of the pass.

It was about 10 degrees warmer than forecasted, and the winds were gentler than expected – nothing to complain about. Continue reading